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Accessibility Resource Center

Welcome to ARC

Connect, Collaborate, Succeed at UNM is a great way to get started with us at ARC where our focus is working with students with Disabilities.

Located on the second floor of Mesa Vista Hall room 2021 at the University of New Mexico, the Accessibility Resource Center provides a variety of services to self identified UNM students on main campus as well as branch campuses across the state.

Our commitment to quality and dedication in providing the best possible accommodations to our students is the hallmark of our department.

The Accessibility Resource Center offers services to UNM self-identified students with disabilities. Students with documented disabling conditions that affect a major life activity are eligible for these services. This includes students with visual, hearing, learning, and mobility disabilities, as well as chronic conditions. The primary duty of the department is to help all qualified students with disabilities gain equal educational access and opportunities throughout the UNM community. Faculty and academic support staff may refer students when they have disclosed pertinent information regarding a specific disability.

Eligibility for Services

According to the criteria stated in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, along with UNM Policy 2310, we require that students give proof of a disabling condition by providing professional evaluations. Students requesting services must provide documentation of the disabling condition prior to initiation of services. Please check some of the links on the left side of the page for further information.

Temporary Disabilities? Click Here for information

What's New At ARC

For Spring Finals:

In order to receive accommodations for Spring 2016 final exams, we need to have received your documentation and seen you for an intake appointment by Friday, 4/22.  Thank you!

BEWARE of the many Phishing scams coming through your email

UNM IT will NEVER ask you for your password in an email. NEVER click on any link in an email that asks for your confidential information, or you could be providing someone with unintended access to your UNM account.

ARC is here to help!

If you need help getting registered let your Program Specialist know.

ARC is now including Read & Write Gold software on all its computers and labs

Read & Write Gold can also be installed on personal computers, and can be made available to other departments upon request

Low Vision font available for download

APHont™ (pronounced Ay’-font), was developed by APH specifically for low vision readers. APHont embodies characteristics that have been shown to enhance reading speed, comprehension, and comfort for large print users.

The entire APHont Suite is available free-of-charge to qualified users for non-commercial purposes. The APHont Suite consists of Regular, Bold, Italic, and Italic Bold. You must certify use for or by a person with a visual impairment before downloading.

Download APHont™ here