What Are the Responsibilities of...?

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  • Engaging in an interactive discussion of reasonable accommodations for specific courses and degree program
  • Problem-solving issues and concerns
  • Maintaining academic standards for course and degree program
Students are responsible for:
  • Self-identification
  • Requesting reasonable accommodations in a timely manner
  • Meeting the academic standards expected of all students 

If an accommodation is ineffective or has not been provided and it is impacting performance bring it to the attention of the disability specialist. You and your disability specialist will then decide an appropriate action plan which may include both formal and/or informal options as outlined under Exhibit A of UNM Policy 2310 Academic Adjustments for Students with Disabilities: Appeal Rights Procedures Ultimately, responsibility lies with the student. They must contact Accessibility Resource Center and faculty with questions and concerns in a timely manner. Through the cooperation of all parties reasonable accommodations are provided.

Faculty members are responsible for:
  • Being open to accommodating students
  • Providing program access
  • Meeting with students to discuss their needs
  • Implementing reasonable accommodations
  • Maintaining confidentiality

Faculty members are responsible for assisting in the provision of accommodations as described in the accommodation letter. Any concern related to an accommodation fundamentally altering the academic curriculum should be brought to the attention of the student and disability specialist. All parties will engage in an interactive process to determine the reasonableness of the request and ensure equal access is maintained.

Accessibility Resource Center is responsible for:
  • Verifying disabilities and need for accommodations
  • Recommending reasonable accommodations
  • Informing students of their rights and responsibilities
  • Advocating program access
  • Problem-solving with student and, if necessary, the instructor, in response to student concerns regarding the implementation or consistency of reasonable accommodations

Accessibility Resource Center does not have either the right or the responsibility to look over the shoulders of students with disabilities. Students are ultimately responsible for themselves. Accessibility Resource Center works with students and, when appropriate, with their instructors, to determine two things. First, which accommodations are reasonable and second, identification and referral for other campus and community services that may be appropriate. Accessibility Resource Center provides students with the tools necessary for their academic success.