Testing And Test Scheduling

The following are common testing accommodations. All decisions regarding accommodation requests, including others not listed below, are made in consultation with the student's Accommodations Specialist and in accordance with UNM Policy 2310.  Download the ARC Testing Agreement Form.

ARC offers a quiet and secure space for testing when accommodations cannot be provided by the educational department. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule exams with the Testing Center.

Please schedule exams at least 5 working days (one week) before the planned exam date. Students may use their course syllabus to schedule all of their exams for the semester.

We understand that exam dates may change. Contact the Testing Center as soon as possible if your exam has been rescheduled. Please schedule your exams with the Testing Center even if you are not sure you will take them at ARC. It is much easier for us to cancel an exam rather than find a testing space at the last minute.

Schedule your exam.

The testing accommodation of Extended time applies only to timed assessments, quizzes and tests that must be started and finished in a single testing session. It does not apply to take-home tests or any other type of test that can be paused and then resumed at a later time. For online tests, the accommodation applies only to the test itself, not to the window of time when the test is available to be taken. It is the student’s responsibility to make the request for extended time through the Accessibility Resource Center. We are available to provide this accommodation if time and space do not permit within the department.

In addition to extended time, students may require additional assistance during the exam process. Assistance may include one or more of the following:

  • Use of a reader/scribe
  • Quite location
  • Use of a computer for short answer/essay sections
  • CCTV
  • Adaptive software
  • Alternative format such as Braille or large print
  • Enlarged format

The ARC testing center has computers with adaptive software and other adaptive equipment available for students who need to use it as part of their approved testing accommodations. The software and equipment available at ARC includes the following:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (PC and Mac) 
  • JAWS (PC Only)
  • Read & Write (PC and Mac) 
  • ZoomText (PC Only) 
  • Colored overlays
  • CCTV
  • Perkins Braillewriter

For online tests, the accommodation of extended time applies only to the test itself, not to the window of time when the test is available to be taken. It is the student’s responsibility to request extended time on online quizzes and tests by contacting the ARC testing center.

To schedule extended time for an online exam, please know if the online exam is proctored or if you can take the exam anywhere. To request the extended time, drop by the ARC testing center, phone 277-1510, or email them at arctesting@unm.edu and list the classes that have online quizzes or tests. You will not need to give us the dates of the tests unless a live proctor is required. The ARC testing center will send an email to your professors to notify them of the extended time and ask them to set it up for all quizzes and tests for the remainder of the semester.

When it is time to take the exam, open and look at your exam as soon as it becomes available to ensure your accommodation is in place, even if you are not intending to take the exam at that time. If there are any questions or concerns when you open your online exam, please email your instructor with the concern and include arctesting@unm.edu in your email.

Arrangements are made on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the testing coordinator as soon as you are made aware of pop quizzes to initiate discussion with your professor on the best procedure for implementation of testing accommodations.