Addressing Faculty Questions And Concerns About Accommodations

If a faculty has any questions regarding an accommodation, or concerns about an accommodation fundamentally altering the academic curriculum, they are strongly encouraged to contact the Accessibility Resource Center. All relevant parties will engage in an interactive process to determine if a request is reasonable and to ensure that equal access is maintained. There are several levels of engagement that can occur to assist in resolving the question or concern, as described below.

Informal Resolution

When a faculty member disagrees with an accommodation approved by ARC, they are advised to call or email the ARC Accommodations Specialist to discuss why they do not consider the accommodation reasonable. ARC’s goal in dialoguing with faculty is to address and resolve the faculty’s concerns about the accommodation in light of the academic barrier the student is encountering, and to work out a solution that provides equal access to the student while also preserving the academic integrity of the course. Typically, the result of these discussions is that ARC and the instructor will reach an agreement about implementing either the recommended accommodation or an alternative but equally-effective accommodation.

Formal Resolution

If an agreement cannot be reached via the informal resolution process above, then the following procedure will be followed:

  • The accommodation is implemented, consistent with the requirements of .
  • ARC initiates an assisted dialogue with the director of the UNM Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO).
  • Director of OEO makes the final determination on the reasonableness of the recommended accommodation.

Students’ Options For Resolving Accommodation Issues

If an academic department has determined that an accommodation would result in a fundamental alteration of a course or program, the student can appeal to the Provost/HSC designee using the process outlined in UNM Policy 2310 Exhibit A: Reasonable Accommodation for Students with Disabilities: Appeal Rights Procedures.

Students with disabilities have a number of additional options they can pursue if they believe they are being denied a reasonable accommodation or being discriminated against based on disability. A list of the other options available to students can be found at this link.