What Is The Process For Getting Connected With ARC?

We recommend that students who want to setup accommodations contact the Accessibility Resource Center as soon as they are admitted to the University of New Mexico. Waiting until classes have started is not advisable and is definitely not in the studet's best interests.

The steps for getting connected with ARC are as follows:

1. The student submits disability documentation via email to arcsrvs@unm.edu, mail, fax to 505-277-3750, or in person.

ARC will review the documentation to ensure that it includes a disability diagnosis. If it does not include a diagnosis, then ARC will inform the student that additional documentation is needed.

2. ARC emails the student and ask them to set up their welcome meeting.

Once sufficient disability documentation has been received, the student will receive an email saying they have been assigned to an ARC Accommodations Specialist and asking the student to contact that person directly to set up their welcome meeting.

3. The student contacts their assigned Accommodations Specialist to set up the welcome meeting.

The purpose of the welcome meeting is for the student and their Accommodations Specialist to discuss what barriers the student has encountered in the academic environment related to the disability, and to determine reasonable accommodations that will remove the barriers, thereby giving the student equal access to their courses. ARC will also explain exactly what the student needs to do in order to set up and use their accommodations each semester.

4. The student makes their accommodations available by generating their accommodation letter using a specific website ARC maintains for this purpose.

Students are responsible for using a specific website maintained by ARC to generate their accommodation letters at the beginning of each semester. The letters are sent through e-mail to the assigned faculty for each class, with a copy to both the student and their ARC Accommodations Specialist.



Services provided by the Accessibility Resource Center are confidential. We do not release information to any persons or agencies without the written consent of the student, who must fill out a Release/Disclosure Authorization Form. If the student has not signed a release, then information can only be released pursuant to a subpoena, under circumstances that might pose a danger to the student or others, in situations of suspected child abuse, or under circumstances where UNM officials have a need to know.