The following are common technology-related accommodations. All decisions regarding accommodation requests, including others not listed below, are made in consultation with the student's Accommodations Specialist and in accordance with UNM Policy 2310.  


Computers are available for students to use at the Accessibility Resource Center computer lab. Computers may be used to complete essay exams, work on class assignments, access information using adaptive software, etc.

Students registered for services may bring their laptops in to our IT department to help resolve computer issues. If possible, ARC staff will install anti-virus software (Symantec Endpoint Protection) free of charge and help diagnose software problems. However, we cannot repair or replace hardware, or reinstall software without proper licenses.

Electronic Textbooks

Students approved for course materials in accessible electronic format (i.e. Electronic Text) must be registered with the Accessibility Resource Center each semester that they are requesting converted textbooks. Students are responsible for notifying the ARC Alternative Text Coordinator at as soon as possible regarding their Electronic Text needs. This should be done before the start of each semester or as soon as the need arises.

In compliance with Federal Copyright Laws, students are required to provide a receipt for each book being converted. Every effort will be made to provide Electronic Text within 15 working days of the request as outlined in the University of New Mexico Policy 2310 Reasonable Accommodation for Students with Disabilities. Copyrighted electronic texts will only be available to the student during the semester for which they are registered in the corresponding class. It is the student’s responsibility to inform ARC if any reading assignments are added or changed.

Once the converted materials are ready, the student will be contacted by the ARC Alternative Text Coordinator via an email from It is the student’s responsibility to  notify the ARC Alternative Text Coordinator if there is a problem with the converted materials.

Download the Electronic Text Agreement Form.

Adaptive Equipment & Software

Adaptive equipment and software are available in the Accessibility Resource Center . If a student or faculty member requests it, adaptive equipment or software can be installed in other computer labs and classrooms.

  • CCTV
  • FM Assistive Listening Systems
  • Digital Audio Recorders/Livescribe Pens
  • Tiger Embosser (for creating hard-copy Braille documents)
  • Picture In A Flash (P.I.A.F.) for creating tactile diagrams

The following software is available on computers in the ARC computer lab:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (PC and Mac) 
  • JAWS (PC Only)
  • Read & Write (PC and Mac) 
  • ZoomText (PC Only)