Access to Class Notes

Access to class notes is critical to learning. There are three ways to accomplish this: 1) audio-recording lectures using a smart pen or other device such as an iPad, tablet or computer; 2) receiving lecture slides in advance of class, either through UNM Canvas or directly from the instructor; and 3) in certain limited situations, supplemental notes provided by a notetaking company.

Audio- Recording Lectures

Students may use a personal digital recorder, note taking app, or smart pen to audio-record lectures. Digital recorders and smart pens are available through Accessibility Resource Center as needed. Students sign our Recording Lectures Agreement when this accommodation is put in place for them.

The smart pen audio-records the whole lecture, and every time the student writes a note on the special paper that goes with the pen, the pen creates a kind of bookmark in the audio recording. This way, when the student reviews their notes later, they can use the pen to click on a note that they wrote, and the pen will take them right to that point in the audio recording, so that the student can hear exactly what the instructor said when they were writing that note. This way, the student can fill in what they missed, so that their notes are complete. If the student owns a tablet such as an iPad, there are excellent apps available that will do exactly the same thing that the smart pen does.

Class Notes Provided by the Instructor

Faculty often provide lecture slides to the class to assist with note taking. A good study strategy for all students is to augment the PowerPoint slides by taking additional notes during the lectures. This will help you to recall the information as you prepare for exams.

ARC offers an accommodation called Access to Lecture Slides in Advance, which can be used in two ways. First, if an instructor is providing lecture slides to the whole class, but the slides cannot be accessed until after class, the student can request to be provided with the slides before class to assist them with taking notes that are complete and accurate. Second, if an instructor is using slides during class but is not providing them to the class, the student can request that they be provided copies of the lecture slides to assist them with notetaking. Students sign our Lecture Slides Agreement when this accommodation is put in place for them.