Referring Students for ARC Services

Faculty are encouraged to refer students directly to ARC if any of these situations arise:

    • Faculty has not received an accommodation letter for a student, and the student discloses that they have a disability that is impacting their academic experience (they may mention a health condition or medical condition rather than using the word “disability”)

The student will need to contact ARC directly to start the process of getting connected with us, because ARC services are student-initiated. To be eligible for ARC services, the student will need to provide ARC with documentation from a healthcare professional that includes a disability diagnosis. You can read more about what is required for documentation and determining eligibility.

  • The student indicates that they have accommodations through ARC, but the faculty member has not received an accommodation letter for the student
  • The student requests an accommodation that is not listed in their ARC accommodation letter
  • The student has questions about using their accommodations

What if faculty suspects a student may have a disability?

  1. Do not ask if he or she has a disability. Approach the student as you would any other student having difficulty.
  2. Ask the student to explain what might be affecting their performance.
  3. If the student discloses a disability, refer them to ARC.
  4. If the student says they believe they might have a disability, refer them to ARC.
  5. if the student makes no mention of disability, but the faculty member suspects the student may have a disability, ARC recommends giving the student a list of UNM resources to explore, and include ARC as one of those resources. For instance, the potential list of resources could include CAPS, El Centro, and ARC.