Temporary Injuries or Disabilities

The University of New Mexico is here to assist students to continue their academic success, even if a temporary injury occurs, such as a broken limb, surgery, etc. While the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not recognize temporary injuries as a disability for which accommodation is legally mandated, the appropriate departments will assist to direct students to where they can find resources for such situations. Students will be expected to show verification of their temporary injury to the appropriate faculty or staff member at UNM.

Should this type of injury occur, you should contact the following areas or individuals:


You should contact your professor or instructor of the courses you are enrolled in and inform them of your situation. By contacting the faculty member, they can work with you on your course assignments and with potential absences or tardiness that result from your temporary disability/injury. Please refer to your syllabus for the appropriate e-mail or phone contact information for your faculty member.

Residence Halls

If you live in the UNM Residence Halls, you should contact the Community Director of your residence hall, in case you need to be moved as a result of your temporary injury. For example, if you live on the third floor of an apartment, and you are currently in a facility that does not have elevator access, you can request to be moved to a first floor apartment, should space be available. Should you live in a privatized residence hall, please contact the manager of that complex, and they can inform you of the options they may have for you within their area.

Parking & Transportation Services

With verification, UNM Parking & Transportation Services can provide temporary accessible permits for UNM students, faculty, and staff for use solely on UNM campus for up to 6 weeks.

LoboRESPECT Advocacy Center

The LoboRESPECT Advocacy Center can assist in directing students or family members to the appropriate resources for temporary injuries.